Meet the Staff

2012 Staff

Name: Brandy Roatsey
Badge/Nickname: DarkSideLaw
Age: 27
What you do in ‘real life’: Juvenile Public Defender in Downtown Atlanta
Other fandoms: Gone With the Wind, Harry Potter, Avatar: The Last Airbender (the show not the movie *ick*), and Pirates in general
Favorite Star Wars movie: Empire Strikes Back
What color would your lightsaber be and why? Red! Red is the color of passion and passion fuels each day of my life. I’m also a pretty big fan of the Sith Code:

Peace is a lie; there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

Favorite Dragon*Con moment: My first Dragon*Con…I was just in awe and felt like I had stepped right in the middle of my favorite movies. It was an amazing experience, and I still renew my love of my fandoms and am that wide-eyed child every time…but nothing compares to that first time. I think I may have even gotten a little weepy ;-)

Name: Kat Amitrano
Badge/Nickname: Kat
Age: 34, but I feel, and act, more like 25
What you do in ‘real life’: Student at Georgia Perimter College working on a double Associates degree in German and Accounting
Other fandoms: Harry Potter and a little bit of Twilight, ST:NG
Favorite Star Wars movie: Return of the Jedi
What color would your lightsaber be and why?: I like Blue Topaz, but fighting outside it might blend into the sky and someone could walk through it. Friendly-slicing in the Jedi Order is not a good thing. So I think I would have to go with Purple. It’s safer.
Favorite Dragon*Con moment: Every moment at Dragon*Con is a great moment. To be surrounded by so many people who enjoy their fandoms as much as you do is a great experience. I’ve made many new friends and met many actors and authors. I love every minute, every year I attend. Being staff makes it even better because I helped create a memory for the people coming to the Star Wars track. Knowing I helped do that makes all the sacrifice worthwhile.

Name: Margarita Caraballo
Badge/Nickname: Margie
Age: 21
What you do in ‘real life’: I’m an engineering student at Georgia Tech pretty much fulltime
Other fandoms: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Harry Potter, The Venture Brothers, Dr. Who, Torchwood, all things Neil Gaiman and Clive Barker
Favorite Star Wars movie: I go back and forth between The Empire Strikes Back and Attack of the Clones. Though my love of Attack of the Clones could be directly correlated to my love of Natalie Portman.
What color would your lightsaber be and why? Naturally I’d go with green or blue, though I would definitely prefer green. I can’t see myself as a Sith character.
Favorite Dragon*Con moment: The first day!

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  1. Do you have enough panel participants for Meet the Fan Groups? I am an active 501st and RL member and would be willing to sit on the panel if necessary.

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